SPD Systems produces its SPD insulated glass units (IGUs) using state-of-the-art insulating materials.  One such material is a "Warm Edge Technology" that uses Edgetech Super Seal®. 

As shown below, metal-based insulating spacers are highly thermally conductive.  This results in a loss of 50% of its overall stated R-value (Resistance to heat transfer, see graph below).


              Full Metal Spacer             Less Metal Spacer          NO-Metal Super Spacer®      

As demonstrated, condensation can occur in varying degrees depending on the quantity of metal in the seal.  This condensation can be a culprit in causing mold sources.  It can also deteriorate the surrounding frame and wood areas, and creates a poor and discolored appearance on the surfaces.

It's becoming more evident in studies that child asthma, increases in respiratory illnesses, allergies, and outbreaks of fungal diseases are linked to indoor mold sources caused by faulty or improperly installed windows.

Coupled with the energy-saving and convenience features of SPD, the SPD IGU is the best combination of the latest technology in insulated window construction.  This represents real value for your money.

Thus, the world's warmest edge occurs with Super Spacer®, the insulating foam spacer whose use allows for comfortable household humidity levels and the least likelihood of mold and other problems.  

As shown below, the dual sealing action of this warm edge technology is evident.  The basic components of the system are highlighted.

Shown below, IGU convection currents normally create a cold area at the bottom of the IGU, and this is exacerbated by the use of a highly thermally- conductive metal spacer.

       Full Metal Spacer             NO-Metal Super Spacer®

This temperature difference can be the cause of condensation in this area, which makes the area vulnerable to becoming a mold source as well as causing and accelerating deep, inner wood and wall rot.

In using this type of sealing system along with SPD laminated glass, U-values are improved at least, if not more than shown in the chart below.  

The bottom line:  An SPD Systems IGU provides all the features of SPD technology combined with warm edge technology benefits.  These benefits all add up to:

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